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 Tests of Faith

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PostSubject: Tests of Faith   Thu Jul 12, 2012 2:45 am

Tests of Faith - Jean Pierre

"Faith can carry us through hardships when all else failed. I've seen all else fail many times... but my faith never did."
-- Dack Janiels, Veteran of the Second War.

"Not even after being deprived of his friends, family, titles and the very symbols of his faith did Tyrion Fordring loose faith. His faith was tested and found strongest."
-- Law Williamson, Soldier at Light's Hope Chapel.

"To those who test their faith, beware! After sacrificing everything, including your very being, only your faith remains... or failure."
-- Jenny Woakar, Traveling Priestess.

"Life is a very precious thing. Do not risk it for adoration or fame. Choose a test only if you believe this is what the Light requires of you."
-- Jean-Pierre d'Armagnac, Priest of the Stormwind Cathedral.

"It is faith and trust in the Light that allows a Paladin to hold his ground against many. One can not go without the other."
-- Sir Kaeden Dourhand, Paladin of the Knights of the Silver Hand.


Priests and Paladins often pray and confirm their faith, be it verbally, in battle or persistence through dire circumstances.
But often, they are also shielded by their arms, equipment, abilities and knowledge. How can one truly tell if it was faith that made them stand their ground against an over might, or their military training?

To test one's faith, one must be willing to confront faith without the support of the abilities one gathered over time. Only then, when we are stripped of all the strength we have gathered to protect ourselves, will we rely on faith and faith alone to carry us through our ordeals.

Throughout history, references and journals we managed to collect a few trials that Light followers have willingly subjected themselves to in order to test their faith... Or to prove their faith.

Alternatively, such tests of faiths can also be placed where no training can help. These tests do not intend to teach a subject, but through the records that describe such tests, it is also noted how followers that passed the trial returned with more confidence, faith and new insights in Light's ways. As their faith is strengthened, so will they follow their path of devotion with even more resolve.

Unfortunately, it must be noted that some of these trials have not always yielded positive results. Some hold great personal danger, even should they succeed. It is perhaps because of this danger that they serve as a test of faith, but it has also been subject to controversy. Following the scriptures of the Southern Priest Lazar Farinma, we find a strong voice in favor of these tests:
"The test is not to succeed the trial but to commit to this trial whether or not one will succeed: a truth of Tenacity. Should one succeed, then the Light has another purpose for him. Should one pass away during the trial, then perhaps the Light wished to make it an example of martyrdom. No life is lost in vain by this, lest we choose not to learn from, and honor, the examples they set."

However the tragic outcome of some failed tests can not be denied, and gave rise to more accessible trials. In this book, no discrimination will be made between old and new tests. It is hoped, the reader will prove wise enough to choose their own fate.


Even the wise can not foresee all ends, and great danger is involved in some tests. As such, the participant may not be able to foresee if the task will be hindered by unforeseen factors. It is dearly recommended that a Priest or Paladin is only initiated in a ritual under supervision. Faith and trust in this supervisor must be absolute, since the supervisor determines when the test is passed.

The responsibilities of the supervisor are:
- To determine the tasks that must be performed during this ritual.
- To determine for each task if it was successful.
- To determine how much time the participant should be granted to recover in between tests.
- To determine when the ritual ends, be it successful or not.
- To remain fit to determine the above.

Vow of obedience.

When the participant has chosen a supervisor, the participant takes the vow of obedience. The participant is subject to this vow of obedience until the tests and rites have ended. Trust in this supervisor must be absolute for the supervisor may hold the participant's life and faith in hands.

Light grant me a guardian and guide wise,
So these tests don't needlessly sacrifice,

Tests of Faith

Only after the vow has been taken, will the supervisor reveal the tests that the participant must complete. It is left to the supervisors to choose which, how many and when these tests must completed.

Light's Blessing
The participant is sent to live among people with incurable diseases, potentially sacrificing his own being. The participant must share food, habitation and all aspects of life with the infected victims. Faith is one's only shield against the disease.

Light's Destiny
Light's Path is a pilgrimage. One must walk it, starting the journey with no arms and only simple clothing. Every morning, and every night, the participant will pray to the Light. The destination is chosen by the supervisor though, since Uther's unfortunate passing, the pilgrimage from Stormwind to his tomb has become the common choice.

Light's Guardian
One must confront a terrible foe, encourage him to engage in combat and display Light's unquenchable will by not returning a blow and walking out unharmed. The participant may nominate up to four men of faith that may bless him during this trial. This is all that will stand between him and deadly injury.

Light's Path
The participant is required to walk cross a path that does not exist. Most often, this is a down a cliff or across a canyon. The participant may nominate up to four men of faith that may bless him during this trial. This is all that will stand between him and a downfall.

Light's Choice
The participant submits himself or herself to the service of a person chosen by the Light or chance. A common method is to accept the first visitor to come to one's house, or the first person to enter a tavern at a given time. The participant is obliged to follow his new master's bidding, even if that may prove ill on short term. It is faith in Light's choice to have it this way, and the burdens of remorse that may come with it are the lessons the Light has chosen for the participant. The period of submission is chosen by the supervisor.

Light's Purity
The participant takes a vow of abstinence. This test is often combined with a commitment to work alongside people of questionable ethics, in an attempt to aid them on a different path.

Nota Varia
((OOC section))

"Light's Blessing" might depend on a disease event. In the text, the writer assumes that there are houses of healing for incurable illnesses 'somewhere' in Azeoth.

"Light's Guardian" and "Light's Path" have been tailored for (OOC?) abilities like Guardian Spirit, Levitate and Leap of Faith. Basically the fun is: the participant has to confront his cliff/deadly foe and rely on his companions to save him. They are only permitted to use the aforementioned spells. The careful timing this may require on their hands makes it indeed a test of faith....
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Tests of Faith
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