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An elven and worgen roleplaying guild on Defias Brotherhood
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 Moving to Astraanar 07.11.2013

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PostSubject: Moving to Astraanar 07.11.2013   Wed Nov 06, 2013 11:57 pm

They all gathered in Stormwind Harbour waiting for the boat to take them to Darnassus. The journey was swift but as they all came to Astraanar it became clear the place was under attack, large bats flew all over the place and the buildings were burning.. So they aided with the fires and trying to put them out, but when they all got tired and reinforcements came to keep aiding, Lathiria ordered them all to move on. When they finally stopped, they were in Forest Song far up in Ashenvale.
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Moving to Astraanar 07.11.2013
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