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 At the Dwarven Senate meeting:

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PostSubject: At the Dwarven Senate meeting:    Fri Nov 01, 2013 12:46 am

At the Dwarven Senate meeting:

With me:
Siaer, Cernunnons, Heraphiel, Garavon.

The meeting was opened and the Senator addressed that any urgent matters would be dealt with first. A dwarf raised his hand, took the floor and said he was sent by Dun Armad. He continued with stating that a disease has struck them hard, that they had been digging graves for days now and that a bunch of Troggs had begun raiding them. He announced that the mayor requested a proficient healer fearing the town would fall to the disease if not.
The Senator wished to hear the symptoms of this disease:
First a victim begins to sweat, then their skin blister and tear at the slightest bump. Nasty swells, followed by a horrendous bleeding and at that stage the afflicter’s grave is dug.
The victims also become unable to hear, loose their sight and suffers a lack of muscle control, becoming paralyzed. People die from it at mass.
He further states that the doctor died after the third day.
The issue of this disease is put on hold to be debated after the senate meeting is over.
A few people speaks their case to get a place among the senate.
I introduce us.
We stay behind to speak with the dwarves offer our aid with the disease and future aid to their causes when we can, if we can.

The others are dismissed and myself and Heraphiel go with two of the dwarves to see Sir Belgar the one who informed of this “plague.”. We ask him detailed questions of what had happened, then checked him and deemed him at good health and without any illness to spread.
What Sir Belgar could tell us:
The first to die of the disease was Old Thunderfist.
He lived outside of the town to the east, odd fella who made good steel.
They did not hear from him for a little, so some of the boys went to check up on him, but the poor fella was dead already.
Though in the town the disease spread from the northen households, that’s were those troggs attacked. Belgar is not sure if it spreads through the air or by touch.
Casualtities: About 3-4 per day
The children and the elderly died fastest. But other than that the disease does not seem to be picky.
Strong, weak, once afflicted it was over within a handful of days.
He also stated he had been marching for days to get to Ironforge and Sir Belgar showed no signs of being ill.

At first the afflicted feels light in the head, sweaty, short of breath, tired generally. After a day or two, the skin blisters, cuts don’t heal anymore, seeing and hearing comes difficult. After day three some sort of nasty pox bulge or something like that, purple and smelly appear all over the body.
Once those humps open the victims die within a few hours tops.
And that’s it, we dumped most of them in mass graves after day four really.
This has been going on for two weeks now.
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Posts : 598
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PostSubject: Re: At the Dwarven Senate meeting:    Sat Nov 02, 2013 2:12 am

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At the Dwarven Senate meeting:
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