The Circle of Ysera

An elven and worgen roleplaying guild on Defias Brotherhood
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 Recruitment poster nr 1

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PostSubject: Recruitment poster nr 1   Fri Oct 18, 2013 3:53 am

The Circle of Ysera

If you are a worgen or a night elf, seek to restore the lands, uphold the balance of nature and fight the horde,
then we can offer you a place among us as a brother or sister. United under the worship of Ysera, Elune, The Holy Light, the old ways and more we will fight to restore our lands and reclaim what as have been lost.

If this falls to your liking and you are not a Death Knight, warlock or a shadow magic practitioner and seek a sense of belonging and a path in life, seek us out.

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Recruitment poster nr 1
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