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An elven and worgen roleplaying guild on Defias Brotherhood
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 OOC and IC Guild rules

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PostSubject: OOC and IC Guild rules   Thu Oct 17, 2013 4:40 am

OOC guild rules:

To join the guild you need to be at least level 15.
Every new member are on a trial for their first 3 weeks.
No one unless it is alts of already members are to be invited into the guild without having gone through their ic initiation first.

All members are expected too:
1. Sign up on our forum and read all the rules.

2. Have these addons:

Total rp 2
Gryphon heart items.
People in the guild can have alts in the guild as ooc members but.. For the sake of the guild, if it is not a worgen or an elf, its a no go. Simply to avoid the questions it would bring. Such as: "I see you have this and that in the guild so why not..." etc.

For non officers the amount of alts people can have in the guild in addition to their main character is 3. 4 Chars total per member.

Why? These will be actively used in characterly

You need to follow the policy of blizzard:
- no ooc talk in say
- no disruption of peoples roleplay by:
corpsecamping - ruining their roleplay with ooc behaviour/talk, no ERP in /say/emotes:
if you for some reason do erp use /whisper /party /go to an instance /stay out of sight.

No metagaming.
No God Emoting.

Members who turn out to be roleplaying a dragon, the son of Illidan etc.. will get kicked.

Members who have not given any message and have been offline for 1 month gets a guild kick. Should they return they can get invited back into the guild.

A 3 strike policy will be made to deal with bad behaviour icly or oocly. In bad case scenarioes a member still risks getting an instant g-kick and not a strike.

IC pets and mounts:

Your ic pets should be explainable lorewise, be logical and not too far fetched.
Mounts such as vial of the sands can be a "large bird" for transportation purposes.
Mounts that pollutes the air, and thus harms the forest will be a no go.
As for mounts the same rule applies as for pets.

OOC rank for classy:

These are non elves and worgen characters that are in the guild for the sake of the stay classy achievement. At level 85 and guild rep honoured these chars will be removed from the guild or needed to have a race change.

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Posts : 598
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Age : 32

PostSubject: Re: OOC and IC Guild rules   Thu Oct 17, 2013 4:45 am

IC guild rules:

Uphold the balance of nature:
Aid those in need:
Respect your brothers and sisters.
Obey your superiors.
Try your best to abide and follow the tree virtues:

The first Virtue teaches us Respect. It begins with recognizing this connection and subsequently respecting it. Respect is the basis for harmony between all beings that one is connected with. A teacher can not teach his students if he lacks respect. A mother will not raise her child proper without respect. A farmer will not reap the fruits of a land he does not treat with respect.

The challenge in this Virtue lies that even foes can be connected to us, and as such we must respect them. By disrespecting our enemy, we can not hope to ammend the disharmony. Only by respecting all forms of life can we strive for a better world.

The second Virtue teaches us Tenacity. It deepens the acknowledgement of the world we live in. It begins by telling us that this world is not enlightened yet. Disharmony and injustice stand in Light's way. It will require work and time, and perhaps more work than one can deliver, perhaps more time than one can live. The Virtue teaches us to stay true to the Light's course, even if we may not see now or never will see the benefit of our labour.

This applies to both the world as well as to the individual. Should anything cloud our sight and we fail to see the Light past it, be it a dark world's disharmony or our own anger in a conflict, we must not stray from the Light's path. For if we abandon Light's path, we can not achieve its purpose.


The final Virtue teaches us Compassion. Compassion is an action, meant to directly improve the world or counter disharmony. As a direct action, it is effective and also dangerous. One must aid a lost soul in need but one must avoid to create a dependency, which would cause more harm than good. As such, Compassion is taught with caution... its purpose is to help people and not to deprive them from the valuable lessons that make them grow.
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OOC and IC Guild rules
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