The Circle of Ysera

An elven and worgen roleplaying guild on Defias Brotherhood
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 The Circle of Ysera as a guild

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PostSubject: The Circle of Ysera as a guild   Thu Oct 17, 2013 4:28 am

The Circle of Ysera

Pre history of the guild:

The birds had fallen to silence, the moon was shining in through the window and the solitude filled him once more. The image of the worgen haunted him, as had been a reoccurrence the past year and the time had come to change it.

“There must be a reason for this and yet the guilt is not mine to carry one my own. But this must change.. The old times are gone, the traditions remains but we must adjust to the world around us. We are no longer immortal, my brothers and sisters could do well in remembering that, what once was a proud and noble race are now reduced to power hungry, arrogant mongrels, that are no better than all those they look down upon. It is time to make a mends and change. “

With those words he sat down by the table writing letter after letter and days after people knocked on the door.

A few of his brothers and sisters came, together they former what now is called The Circle of Ysera. An order devoted to aid the worgen among us, those who suffer lack of control and those who have it. United under the worship of Ysera, Elune, dragons, The Holy Light, The old ways and more as equals. Their goal is to fight the horde, restore the lands fare and wide and reclaim what as have been lost, as brothers and sisters.

What are we?

Because of the elves being responsible for the worgens existence, the elves of The Circle of Ysera have taken it upon them to make a home for the worgen within the circle. Aid them to gain control over the curse and their powers and fight side by side with them.

United under the same philosophy worgen and elves fight side by side as brothers and sisters, equals, seeking to restore our lands, protect them, fight the horde and reclaim what as have been lost. The Circle of Ysera will focus on aiding the worgen who lack control, build a sense of a home among the order, travel fire and wide to  restore the lands, seek out old relics, temples, treasures lost with time.

The Circle of Ysera is a Roleplaying guild.
We will part take in world pvp events, we will seek to aid other guilds when we can icly. We will have DM’ed events, regular roleplaying events as well as raids on horde camps and villages as we move throughout the world, following our goals and paths.

The guild does not accept:
Death Knights, Icly played warlocks and shadow priests.
Non worgen or elves.

So what do we hope to achieve?

Our goals are clear. We seek to restore the world, fight the horde and reclaim what as have been lost. But as a start we seek to strengthen our numbers, aid the community and create more immersion for those around us as we travel through the world.  All of this while we do our outmost best to safeguard the nature, mend it, uphold the balance of nature. The guild united under many religious ways of worship will still follow the same philosophy.

Do we have any religious or philosophic aspect to provide icly?

Our elves are followers of Elune, we also (of course) worship Ysera. Other forms of elven worship is also permitted among the order.

Our worgen worships the light or the old ways.

How are the ranks played out within our guild and its structure icly and what are they?

Guild leader: High Elder

2’nd in command: leader of the branches and ic officers: Elders

Veterans: Honored members of the guild who have proven their loyality and aids with events and training of our members.

Members: Are titled with their names no ic rank

Recruits: Will be titled with recruit.

When joining the guild oocly before your ic initiation you will be titled with: to be initiated.
When you are initiated you will become a recruit.. As a recruit your are on trial for 3 weeks before gaining the title member.

Structure of the guild:

Guild leader.
Co Guild Leader.

All branches should have one appointed leader, responsible for training and structure work with said branch. This includes combat training, possible philosophical guidance etc.
This would not mean that the branch leaders needs to be the one recruiting fitting possible member into the guild.

Branch 1:

Branch 2:
Druids - Monks

Branch 3:

Branch 4:
Hunters, rogues, warriors.

What can we provide for you and other guilds?

What we provide is a dedicated group of rp'ers, some new to roleplay, some not. And we welcome new roleplayers among us and will aid them along the way. We are always in for rping events, when another guild has need of
our druids, priests, need aid with taints on our lands, protecting our lands or fight down our enemies, we will be glad to lend a hand.

We post our events on our forum for others to see, we would love to in time aid other guilds in their travels over the world, to restore and protect our lands. Events will be posted, noted on the wow ingame calendar or the forum as we progress in our growth. Larger events we may also post on this forum, possibly the defias rp forum and possibly the realmforum.

So how does one join us?

To join us seeks us out icly – send an ingame mail to:
Guildleader: Lathiria
Co guild leader: Frankie aka Franklyn


Or register on our website:
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The Circle of Ysera as a guild
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