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 DM'ed Events what is that?

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PostSubject: DM'ed Events what is that?   Thu Oct 17, 2013 4:21 am

What is a DM’ed event?

DM stands for Dungeon Master.
We will have DM’ed Immersion story telling events and DM’ed battle – challenge events.
In DM’ed story telling events, raid chat will be entirely ic and raid warnings will be used to describe surroundings and things that happens. These things can be other players, npc’s etc.

Example of a storytelling event:
The guild heads out icly. They walk into Deadwind Pass and suddenly they are all trapped within an illusion, a dream, seemingly real. Things happen in said dream within their minds and as things unfold raid warnings will be given to tell the members what they see and experience. Rolls (1-100 in game rolls) might be used to dictate what happens when the members respond to the things written.

Battle – challenge events.
Again use of raid chat.
Example: The guild members hear of a dark arts practitioner in Dead Wind Pass who tries to taint the lands further. They gather up and head out to defeat the evil foe.
When there the evil foe with use of raid warnings for its emotes attacks the members.
Info will be given like:
Karenza (warlock) sends a rain of fire down upon the Circle of Ysera, roll above 60 to dodge. Below you get damage, roll over 30 for it to be not sever injuries etc.
When one attack round is done by the enemy, the Circle of Ysera will have their attack round.

Much like some computer games and normal dice rp games such as Dungeons and Dragons.

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DM'ed Events what is that?
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