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 Scripture Of The Holy Light

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PostSubject: Scripture Of The Holy Light   Tue Jul 17, 2012 11:13 pm

Scripture Of The Holy Light
Written by Sir Jean-Pierre d'Armagnac and Anchoress Exaythe,
Composed, printed and distributed by Lorainne E. Brightstone

Table of Contents
- Introduction To The Light
- History Of The Light
- Three Wise Men And A Boy
- Hymns
- A Farmer's Tale
- Love, Chained By Shadow, Freed By Light
- Words From The Heart
- Songs
- Poems
- A Soldiers Repertoire
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PostSubject: Re: Scripture Of The Holy Light   Tue Jul 17, 2012 11:18 pm

Introduction To The Light

Nature of Light

The Light is no Deity, no god. It is a universal power and a philosophy. The Light comes into your being through your positive feelings. By harboring those feelings and acting on them you will be granted Light’s power. Light comes from within, not from without.
Eternal Light

May the most precious Light that has come
May the most precious Light that will come
Never decline but always increase.


I seek refuge in the Light, until I attain Enlightenment,
I seek merit in generosity, and all true Virtues of Light.
May I attain enlightenment for the benefit of all beings.


Many of us have heard, some have witnessed, the glory and greatness of the paladins and the magical healing powers of the priests from the Church of the Light. These very same people often preach the Virtues and their devotion through which they gained their inspirational powers. While their prowess in battle or healing is perhaps the most striking example of the power that Light brings, one can only wonder if this is the only message that the Church or the Light brings. Are we all to become priests or paladins if we chose to follow the Light? Are farmers, traders, a woman staying home to raise her child then abandoned by the Light or should we expect that these people abandon their life and chose to dedicate to devotion instead?
Clearly, that can not be the intent nor the message that the Light brings. The Light is not just a power, reserved for a religeous elite. It is a philosophy, lending strength in all aspects of life, be it for a farmer, tradesman or mother raising her child... However this message seems lost or less apparent to many people in the streets. I hope, through this text, to bring focus back to this aspect of the Light.

"A good deed may carry forth untold but is never in vain."
-- Bertrand Whitemist, Priest of Lakeshire.

"The Knights lead our path in battle, even if we can not hear their voices."
-- John Livingston, Soldier under the Knights of the Silver Hand.

"The Statue of the Lightbringer speaks to me, even though it is mute."
-- Jean-Pierre d'Armagnac, Priest of the Cathedral of Stormwind.

"When our hearts are moved, we are rendered speechless. Yet these moments can be more defining to us than many songs and poems."
-- Barry Thormain, poet and singer.

The Connection

The Light is, at its foundation, a realization that we are all connected in life. How could the tradesman earn his meal without customers? How could the farmer live from the harvest of his land if he does not work it? How can the child grow if its mother does not nurture it? This connection can be as simple as the connection between neighbors. They see the same sunsets, sunrise, breath the same air, drink the same water. If their water turns bad, both will feel it. Through our connection, even in our daily lives, we receive communication and emotions. With these we are capable of affecting ourselves or people around us, even without action. As a very apparent example, two lovers looking eachother in the eyes will feel a strong emotion even if they do no move.

The logical question would then be, can this connection be used for good? How can it be used to strengthen oneself and each other? The answer is simple: by following the Virtues. The Virtues can be seen as guidelines designed to use this connection to strengthen oneself and anyone connected to us. The Virtues can help us accomplish that, in every aspect of our life.

The Virtue Respect

Respect is the first and most clear Virtue in this. Respect yourself, eachother, the connection itself and indeed all life. Two people not respecting eachother will not be able to benefit from this connection, even though that connection is unavoidable. Respect all forms of life, be it plant or animal, for all life shares this world with you and is either directly or indirectly connected.

A farmer not respecting his land or cattle, will not know how to properly work it. The salesman disrespecting his customers may soon find himself out of customers. The mother not respecting her child, will soon find her child rebellious and stubborn. A farmer respecting his land will see and learn how to till it. The salesman respecting his customers may learn of their needs and see more business opportunities. The mother respecting her child will see it grow and return love.

The most difficult part of this Virtue, is to keep Respect for all living being, even in the face of your enemy. All life is connected, directly or indirectly, and failing to Respect it may thus harm yourself or those around you directly or indirectly. Respecting your enemy mayteach you more and may build understanding of his ways. It may reveal a better course of action or even alleviate the enmity.

The Virtue Tenacity

Tenacity is as much a Virtue as it is a guide to the other Virtues. One can not Respect a living being only occasionally. Do not toss away your Respect in anger or doubt. It does not aid a farmer to disrespect his land "just for one year" for it may leave its mark on his crops forever. A child may forever fear the hand of its mother if it hurt him only once.

Keep faith and hold on, even should the benefits of your virtuous actions wait to reveal themselves. A farmer tends his land a whole year before reaping the harvest. A mother nurtures her child for many years before it will feed itself.

Alas, sometimes... the benefits may not even be apparent in one's own lifetime. But take heart to know that all life that you cherished may live on and benefit from your actions. Keep faith and work hard, even should the world darken around you.

The Virtue Compassion

Compassion is a virtue both simple and complex. It is a very powerful virtue but perhaps also dangerous. Its benefits may seem quite clear, though its downsides may not always be as clear.

The Virtue Compassion tells us to use this connection to all life around us for good. A farmer must nurture his land, tend it and protect it. The mother must feed and aid her child with its first steps. The salesman may find a faithful customer if he softens his prices. Wise words to a friend in need of them may change his life forever. To give compassion is the most direct application of the Light and perhaps the most clear.
But it should also be handled with caution. Compassion to another life should not stand its way of growth or self-respect. A mother must not nurture the child beyond its needs. A salesman can not establish a healthy business relation by dropping his prices beyond reason. A farmer will not till any harvest if he does not make his land grow it for him. A teacher can not teach his students unless he grades them firmly and with respect to the student's performance.

Perhaps a good way to see it, is that Compassion should not be seen as mercy, but the willingness to aid all life grow, even if that would require firm hand instead of a gentle one.

The power of the Light

The Virtues can teach us how to strengthen the bond with another living being. It can aid us to influence life around us positively. The limits of this are defined only by the limits of one's connections to this life and one's strength in the Virtues. Far stronger are ten men united than one man with the power of nine. A holy man healing a wound may prove strong in the Light, but even stronger would be wise words that avoid the wound. No amount of healing will determine if a child will grow strong. No amount of holy protection will grow a rich harvest without the dedication of the farmer. The Virtues are our guides, in all aspects of life, to strength and health for both ourselves and those around us.

A prayer for wisdom

In prayer I search ever so solemnly,
help for questions without answers.
holding to the Light so desperately,
to guide me where my wisdom falters.

A ward against fear

Against odds and spells unkind,
Illumination steadies the mind,
The Light holds my soul so dear,
And shields my heart from all fear.

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PostSubject: Re: Scripture Of The Holy Light   Tue Jul 17, 2012 11:23 pm

History Of The Light

Human History

Among humans, Faith in the Light emerged a long time ago, estimated to be about 1200 years ago, in the human nation of Arathor. It is assumed there was a great need for spirituality at the time. The first practices of the Light started later, in city-state of Lordaeron. The seat of The Archbishop was, however, positioned in the Grand Cathedral of Stratholme. The Light was mostly practiced by clerics and there were no paladins. Understanding of the light and its nature is considered poor by modern standards, and the clerics of that time even referred to the Light as 'the Gods'.
One can reflect on the inexistence of the Paladins to be a result of relative times of peace the Kingdoms experienced before the First War. The order of Paladins had not been founded at the time. Still the church and kingdoms had soldiers of the Light. These were the clerics of old that would take up arms to defend the innocent. Unfortunately, these clerics proved insufficiently trained in the ways of battle and the respective clerical orders suffered heavy casualties. This was painfully clear during the first War. Yet their ways of healing were important to the support behind the battle lines. It could be noted that the severity of their losses in the First War indicated the importance to have followers of Light master both the practices of the Light and the ways of battle.

At the dawn of the second war Uther Lightbringer, a cleric of the ruined abbey of Northshire, combined the art of war and the Light, becoming the first Paladin and founded the Order of the Silver Hand. He was made the first Grandmaster of the Silver Hand at Alonsus Chapel in Stratholme by Archbishop Alonsus Faol. It is during these times of need that Light's power to heal was truly discovered and that men learned more about its mysteries. Faith in the light expanded from the Silver Hand, and spread to High Elven and Dwarven lands where even to this day we may find Light's followers among these races.

Draenei History

The Draenei followed the Light ever since their Exodus from their home world of Argus(-25000 years). Unlike humans who have taught themselves, Draenei learned of the Light from the creatures known as The Naaru who guide them to this day.
It is said that the Naaru blessed the Draenei both with the Light and their knowledge on the Light. During their long exodus, the Draenei have cultivated their worship of the Light and incorporated it in their culture. They leader, Velen the Prophet, is also their spiritual leader of faith, although the Draenei will always recognize the Naaru to be the bringers of their faith.

Behaviour of the follower of the Light

Here I will not try to claim to know better, nor force you to behave strictly but merely give the directions so you can find your own way.
- Bishop Exaythe the Abjurer.

Be courteous and respectful even to enemies. Showing respect costs nothing, and counts for a lot. Insulting and swearing serves no purpose and directly opposes the virtue of respect. In the end it is always better to be kind and respectful than savage and insulting. You must realize that other people have feelings of dignity and honor, and seek not to break it. Most importantly, respect other ideas and views of the world. If you do not agree with them, try to discuss the matter in a civil manner. If others do not let go of their non Malefic beliefs, then simply let them believe in them.
Seek to be patient with others, as well as yourself. Do not rush ahead without thinking. Do not expect others to be just as good and pure as you. Give people time, and give yourself time to learn. Be patient, as patience will bear fruits.

Harm as little as possible. Never harm for vengeance or pleasure. If an enemy surrenders, there is no need to beat or humiliate him. You must bring happiness, not pain. Remember that pain is part of the world, and should it be the only option you inflict it.

You should be courageous, determined and tenacious. Do not step down before a shadow. Do not fear death when lives of innocents are at stake. But you must not be a zealot. Remember that some situations are impossible to solve without clear answer. As always, the middle path is the best one. You must give people a chance to learn and to redeem themselves, whenever possible. Such choice might be hard, but sometimes it is best. At least you must forgive your enemies and hold no hatred or anger towards them. This does not mean that, should they harbor evil, you shouldn't touch them. Those who seek to harm must be dealt with, forgiven or not.

- Be respectful and courtly
- Be patient Show empathy and compassion
- Be courageous and determined
- Seek to fight the darkness and the evil.
- Do not become a zealot. Keep your mind open and choose the middle path.
- Do not harbour hate, anger or vengeance.
- Do not inflict harm unless it is needed

Inner fire

Light, spark in my heart the fire and passion,
to fight with respect, tenacity, compassion,
In this moment where I need them so dire,
Bless me with the strength of your inner fire.

To fight the shadow

Darkness encroaches the world around us,
and hides the path that is Virtuous,
To the Light we are bound in oath,
In our hearth we find again the road,
The way that will lead us to illumination,
And cast the darkness to eternal damnation

Faith in the Light
Should darkness strive to shroud my mind,
In the Light, my heart will keep faith,
In the Light, its wisdom I will find,
In the Light, darkness will be unmade.
Should shadows strive to cover my sight,
In the Light, I see all I could wish,
In the Light, I will find my guide,
In the Light, shadows will diminish,
Should harm strive to reach the innocent
In the Light, they will be warded,
In the Light, we will find judgment,
In the Light, we will be guarded.
Should deceit strive to undo friendship,
In the Light, no heart will be bent,
In the Light, friends cause no hardship,
In the Light, the wicked will repent.
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PostSubject: Re: Scripture Of The Holy Light   Tue Jul 17, 2012 11:24 pm

Three Wise Men And A Boy

Three wise men and a boy were walking through the woods on their way to Stormwind. On their way they found a deer, locked in a bear trap with one of its legs, and bleeding severely. The young boy yelped in panic and hurried to the deer, tearing a piece of his own shirt, using it as bandage to staunch the bleeding and speaking words of strength to the deer.

The wise men looked with an encouraging smile as the boy addressed them:
"Please, kind sirs, can we not help this deer? We can free it and mend its leg. I shall bear it with me on my shoulders if I must all the way to the city where it can be nurtured further in the stables till it is fit to walk on its own."
The wise men looked in wonder and asked,
-"Can you bear it thus far then?"

The boy shook his head.
"I do not know. But what else can we do?"

The wise men nodded and replied:
-"Your heart is true and your intentions are pure. But there is more to consider. Can we host the deer in the stables of Stormwind and how shall we act to bear traps in the future? Truly, these traps too belong to someone. And what if you can not bear the deer all the way to Stormwind? Shall we have to continue what you have started and who will bear the responsibility of your action and ours? This is a life we are talking about. Grant us some time to discuss this matter.
But the stout boy did not wait to ask another question:
But the stout boy did not wait to ask another question:
"Can I not free the deer and nurture it meanwhile?"
-"My dear boy, give it time and we shall return to you with an answer."

And so the wise men wandered a little further down the road. They discussed the matter, the consequences, the rules they were to follow, the work behind it, the responsibilities that it would hold and time slowly passed as they talked. One of them chose not to idle and declared to continue his journey to Stormwind, to consult the stable masters. Another joined him for he would not be required to bear any responsibilities in the matter. The third would come to Stormwind as well, so that they could continue discussing the rules on the way and since he could send letters regarding the bear traps from Stormwind.

Slowly the days ticked away till one of the wise returned to the bear trap, hoping to bring the boy the good news. There would be a chance to mend the deer and bring it to a nearby town for urgent treatment. That would be all the boy would be allowed to do and then together they could return to Stormwind. A clear rule on bear traps was in the making and it would solve many bear trap dangers. Upon arriving, however, he found only rotting remnants of a mangled deer carcass, still stuck in the bear trap. The young boy had disappeared.

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Prayer of Fortitude

To give respect and love to all around,
To that oath of compassion we are bound,
For that we work ever so tenacious,
May the Light lend its strength to us.

A prayer for courage

Shroud not thy heart with sorrows,
for the Light conquers all shadows.
Follow diligently its divine ways,
and find courage in Light's embrace.

A prayer for courage

Shroud not thy heart with sorrows,
for the Light conquers all shadows.
Follow diligently its divine ways,
and find courage in Light's embrace.


Hymn: My brother in darkness

Hello brother, my old friend,
I've come to talk with you again,
To speak with you of deep repent,
Our hearts are hurt and souls silent,
And the voices of our loves are in our hearts, echoing,
but you only heed the darkness.
In loneliness we have crawled,
In the dark we hid appalled,
And then we forgot our dreams in life,
Let our words lead to tears and strife,
While the voices of our loves were in our hearts, whispering,
Through this time of sadness
But rest assured, brother dear,
Hope and Light for us is near,
For even in these darkest holes,
it tries to heal our mourning souls,
And the voices of our loves are in our hearts, still speaking,
whispering words of courage.
They speak of hope and love,
And the magnificence thereof,
The greatness that is still in us,
Work and deeds they entrusted to us,
That the voices of our loves be in our hearts,
and remain,
They only ask to listen.

Hymn: There is Light

There’s a light shining down on my pathway today,
Causing darkness and shadows to flee;
And my soul doth rejoice as I walk in the way,
There’s a light shining down upon me.
There’s a light shining down, down from the sky on me,
There’s a light that shines from the skies on me;
I will walk all my days in its wonderful rays,
There’s a light that shines from the skies on me.
Once I wandered in darkness and groped in the night,
Unto the Light for mercy I called;
The Light heard my sad cry, and opened my eyes,
And a light on my pathway did fall.
Light will bless everyone who will to Light come,
Light will turn all their darkness to day;
Will you come to the Light and so humbly bow,
That this light may shine down on your way?

Hymn: Light of Mine

This little light of mine,
I'm going to let it shine.
I'm going to let it shine.
I'm going to let it shine.
Ev'ry day, ev'ry day,
Ev'ry day, ev'ry day,
Gonna let my little light shine.
On Monday, it gave me the gift of love;
On Tuesday, peace came from above.
On Wednesday, it told me to have faith;
On Thursday, it gave me a more grace.
On Friday, it told me to watch and pray
On Saturday, it told me just what to say,
On Sunday, it gave power divine
Just to let my little light shine.
This little light of mine,
I'm going to let it shine.
Ev'ry day, ev'ry day,
Gonna let my little light shine.
Now some say you got to run and hide.
But we say there's no place to hide.
And some say let others decide,
But we say let the people decide.
Some say the time's not right,
But we say the time's just right.
If there's a dark corner in our land,
You got to let your little light shine.
This little light of mine,
I'm going to let it shine,
Ev'ry day, ev'ry day,
Gonna let my little light shine.

"It is not the waves on the surface that determine the depth of the fishing waters."
-- Ness Barloch, fisherman.

"Faith can carry us through hardships when all else failed. I've seen all else fail many times... but my faith never did."
-- Dack Janiels, Veteran of the Second War.

"Not even after being deprived of his friends, family, titles and the very symbols of his faith did Tyrion Fordring loose faith. His faith was tested and found strongest."
-- Law Williamson, Soldier at Light's Hope Chapel.

"Only if you let a dark past destroy your future, will it truly succeed in being adark past."
-- Jenn Nayver, Former cleric of Southshore.

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PostSubject: Re: Scripture Of The Holy Light   Tue Jul 17, 2012 11:34 pm

A Farmer's Tale

The plough grinded to a stop in the dry field. Ryan landed on his knees and dug his hand deep in the ground. He lifted some earth, grinded it in his hands and inspected it closely, smelling it, tasting it. He closed his eyes and let his mind submerge into a vision of hard work, water irrigated over the land, the green plants growing on it and the joyful cries of children when the harvest was celebrated. As he knelt over the field, with his clothes covered in dust and his hands in earth, he almost seemed to blend in to his field as if he had grown there. He opened his eyes and look about him, wondering if he had been shaped to match the land or the land had been shaped to match him. So often had he checked the condition of his land, so many harvests had they shared that they seemed to speak to each other. They shared many tales, harvests and dry times.
A loud curse stirred him from his daydream. He looked over at the adjacent hill, the slanted field of his neighbor. His neighbor was ploughing his field as well, cursing and swearing loudly, waving his arms in frustration so violently he could barely hold on to his plough. Ryan sighed.

"So blind is his anger at the stones he digs up, that he throws them aimlessly back on the land and buries them.", he whispered to his field. "How can the land bear fruits this way? Doesn't the land tell him how to care for it?".
- "He doesn't listen"
replied the field.
Ryan shook his head. "See you tomorrow, old friend. I trade the sunlight for the warmth of my house and family. Already my wife welcomes me as I walk to it." As Ryan disappeared in the warm glow of his house, the land sighed one last time in the wind.
Ryan leaned over his land while the sun shone its first rays of light over the mountains. The earth in his hands seemed to speak to him and he answered the land's question:

"Yes, my old friend, I will get you your water. Your thirst runs deep. I'll bring it steady and for a longer time this year. I will give you water of the river, fresh and cool from the mountains. Be kind to me and my family, for we have yet another mouth to feed! Shauna is her name and she smiles so brightly it will warm you in cold days. Soon you'll be blessed with her playful feet and her joyful voice will ring over your hills." Thus the farmer set out to dig a small canal from the river behind his land. To reach the higher fields, he build a pump driven by a mule.
"You too shall eat the grass and later the hay that will grow on the lands you worked for", he told the mule. The mule turned its ears, nodded and worked steadily all day.

As Ryan watched his land drink from the fresh water, his neighbour came by, swaying heavily and drunk. Still clinging to a bottle of wine, the neighbour spoke loudly.

- "Moist and fertile your earth looks! Dirt and stones are all I have left.. The land failed its grain harvest last year and it will again. I shall have no food or money this winter! My land betrayed my efforts! Bah! May you all rot away before I do."

Ryan offered some help but it was refused with another curse.
"I pity the man", said Ryan, "for he is hurt and his land does not feed him."
"I pity the land", replied the land, "for it is hurt and its owner does not feed it."
That night, in drunken anger, the neighbour set fire to his house and cursed the very world that had forsaken him in his needs. So fiery were the flames that no effort from the villagers could save the house. But the town folk managed to save the man, although badly burned. He was brought to Northshire abbey, in hope that the priests could save him.

- "In time the strength in his hands and arms may return.", the priests spoke, "But it is not the fire from which he must recover. The wound in his heart runs deeper still and may forever mark him. We shall let him rest here till he is healed. Seek him out when you can. He'll speak when his heart opens once again."

The villagers returned and gathered in the town hall. They spoke in shock and fear:

- "Do we all await this fate? To work till our land turns to dust, only to see our lives and hopes burn in flames?"
- "He did not respect his land and his land did not respect him. His example serves well."
- "I do not wish him harm, but too small will my own harvest be this year to spare him a share."
- "Wrong were his views and actions."
- "He told me a few days ago that his land spoke to him."

Ryan suddenly redressed and listened intently. He was surprised his neighbour wouldn't have told such a thing to him.

- "He claimed that his land said his efforts were in vain, that no crop that he sows will grow on his land. And the land told him to seek the answer in the best of wines! Well, we saw where that brought him."

Some villagers laughed, some shook their head grimly. Ryan frowned in thought.
As the sun shone its final ray of light over the horizon, Ryan spoke to his land:
"I have lost my neighbour. I remember he once smiled and had the best cheese and bread in town."

- "Soon, I will lose my neighbour", replied the land, "For my neighbour with its stones and its few crops kept its land from sliding and burying me. It shared its water with me when I lacked it. Fresh is the water from the river but richer still was the water from my neighbour. After many lifetimes, now my end feels near to me."
"I begin to see you and your neighbouring land are one. Though you speak with separate voices, your fates are entwined. Through you, I am tied to my neighbour's fate. I did not see I was closer to him than the distance of our houses. Shall I now suffer his fate?"
- "Of four hands, only two remain. Can they work two fields?"

Ryan looked up at the hill, the dry field of his neighbor.

"What crops can I sow on that hill that will still grow in time?" asked Ryan.
- "None." replied the land.
"Then perhaps it is a cruel land indeed. His land even told him to seek the answer in the bar. How can it now be saved?"
- "Do not fail to listen."
replied the land with a sigh in the wind. Ryan entered his house with a heavy heart and asked his wife to retrieve a bottle of wine. She served him a glass and put the bottle on the table.

- "To drink wine when troubled is never the answer" she told him, and with a disappointed frown she turned and left him alone in the room.

Ryan picked up the glass. "Do not fail to listen." he spoke to himself, "Then this holds the answer." He put the glass back down. "Do not fail to listen." he sighed, "Don't drink wine when troubled." He laughed grimly to himself, mocking his own trouble. He learned long ago to heed the words of his wife... but also that of his land.

The unlabeled bottle of wine seemed to stare back at him, silently holding the answer out his grasp. The wood in the fireplace cracked. Ryan looked in the flames and felt a shiver run through his spine, reminded of the fate that awaited him. The air seemed to stiffen. His heart began to pound under the pressure that laid on his shoulders. In this room were gathered the solution, the man who would have to work the lands and the consequences should he fail this challenge. The fire seemed to burn brighter and blind him. As a consequence the rest of the room seemed to darken around him.

He looked at the glass of wine, its surface reflecting a tempting refuge from his troubles. Suddenly he smiled. With a wide gesture he grabbed the glass of wine and drank it.

The mule worked the water pump tirelessly. The water flowed down the irrigation channels, slowly and steadily. Ryan worked his spade with determination. Every ten feet, he dug a hole. Some of the water would seep into it and moisten the ground. Some of it would trickle further down.

Every large rock Ryan found in the ground, he brought to the foot of his neighbor's hill. Every small stone, he left on the surface. Ryan looked up and surveyed the land. Almost a month had he worked his neighbor's land. Both lands were fed from the same water. Already on his land the plants were sprouting from the ground. The neighbor's land was still barren, but it was ready.

From that day on, he visited Northshire monthly. Even though his neighbor refused to speak him, Ryan seemed content with every visit. Two years came to pass. The harvests of Ryan's field were rich and his daughter ran over the fields, laughing as she went. Quickly he developed a reputation of being lucky or knowing secret methods to farming, but Ryan kept it to himself and stuck to his routine visits of Northshire.
After two years, his neighbor finally started to speak:

- "So great is the grain from your lands, I'm told, that you have grown wealthy. So rich, in fact, that you managed to buy a farm for your daughter when she'll be grown up. Why is it that fortune comes your way? Have you come here to mock me? Was it not by my efforts that your lower lands was kept safe?"
"The real fortune will not be mine but yours. In your absence I worked your land, but it awaits your return to proudly bear the fruits of its labour. Far richer will your harvest be if you work it. The land will give all you need and more. Will you not come and see it?"
- "The stone walls of this abbey and the fields around it have grown on me."
"Your old field may feel more homelike than before, then."

The cart crawled along the winding pathway of their village and stopped at the neighbour's field. The two men jumped down and looked at the landscape. The air was filled with laughter of Ryan's daughter, only a few yards further. The hill and the adjacent field were blooming green.

"Your land tried to tell you, brother. You had but to listen." Ryan spoke to his neighbour.

They walked to the hill and inspected the crops. Ryan began explaining.

"The rocks, sand and slope are perfect for it. Your hill has the best sun of the land. It will not require ploughing. The big rocks that were stuck in the ground have been gathered there. "

Ryan pointed at a strong stone chimney and a wooden house built around it, not too far from Ryan's house.

"Closer, so we may never live so separated again that I can not know what troubles you. But see! Things are better now. When I left, the crops bore no fruits yet. It seems the land expected your return."

The neighbor raised his eyebrows.

- "Grapes?", he exclaimed. Ryan nodded.
"The trunks I bought from Milly in Northshire. No visit there was in vain."
- "But I don't know how to make wine."
"I heard... through the grapevines... That Milly's niece has taken a liking for you."

His neighbour turned scarlet red in the face and they burst out in laughter.

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PostSubject: Re: Scripture Of The Holy Light   Tue Jul 17, 2012 11:37 pm

Angel of Light

Angel of Light, my guardian dear,
To whom my love commits me here.
Ever this day, be at my side,
To Light and guard, to rule and guide.


May forever the ancient words of wisdom live on in remembrance.
May the spirit find new youth, now and forever.
May the Light guide me and teach me.

Teach me
Teach me to be generous.
Teach me too to serve.
Teach me your will.
To give and not to count cost
To fight and not to heed wounds
To labor and not seek to rest
To give and not ask reward but..
To know I follow your Path.

Blessing of Water

Dear Light, be with us as we bless this water,
We chose water for it brings and feeds life,
We chose water for it blesses thirsty souls,
We chose water for it cools heated harts,
We chose water for it refreshes tired spirits.
May your holy spirit live in this water,
May your cleansing descend upon this water,
May your wisdom flow in this water,
May your enlightenment lighten this water,
We require water to wash away the shadows,
We require water to stay the darkness,
We require water to guide lost souls,
We require water to renew their spirits.
May the shadows be crushed by this water,
May the wicker be cleansed by this water,
May the vile be purged by this water,
May all that is good flourish with this water.

"We do not find teachers in life among those locked in their towers and great halls, but among those who lived through trials, errors and showed the bravery to carry through both."
-- Vear Baileas, Light Preacher and storyteller in Goldshire.

"Our history is a lesson for the future."
-- Nadine Neckofie, Teacher at the orphanage of Stormwind.

"I have seen men drink away their future, trying to flee from their past."
-- Anne Deseir, Pub waitress in Lakeshire.

"To follow Light's path, one must walk it free of doubt. What happened, happened. What must happen, must be done regardless."
Jean-Pierre d'Armagnac, Priest of the Cathedral of Stormwind.

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Love, Chained By Shadow, Freed By Light
"For you, Adabella, and for love, and for all love that may come."
- Jean-Pierre


The Light tries to bring harmony and well-being to all life. But then, what greater manifestation of the Light can there be than love? Love that transcends life and death. Love that can create new life. Love that can lead one to sacrifice, to save another. It is not bound by logic, nor distance, nor language, nor rules...

In that, true love follows the same pattern as the Light. In that, love is a true test of our knowledge of the Virtues. It is the very embodiment of Respect towards other life. It can push us to the greatest acts of Compassion. And eternal love is the dearest, warmest example of Tenacity.
But in our desire for eternal love, we can grow fearful. We grow afraid to lose love. We grow afraid to lose the one that invokes such love in us. We grow so afraid that we let ourselves grow distant from love itself to avoid the pain of its loss. And in that, we become fools.

In our fear, we try to guard our feelings to the point we shut out love itself. And slowly, we let ourselves become slaves to our own guards, to our own fears and grow ever more distant from the beauty that the Light and love try to bring.

And if we let such fear dominate us, then the shadow will win. When the shadow finally strikes us, we shall have learned concede to the shadow who promises us to dull the pain by blinding us from loveand the beauty of life entirely.

The fears that make us break the Virtues

When we are confronted with love, we are confronted with the Light in purest form. It is so powerful an emotion that it can sweep us of our feet, no matter how strong we stand. And we grow fearful, for it reveals us how small we are compared to its greatness. And we grow fearful to lose ourselves in it. And we grow fearful to lose it, for once we have basked in its warmth, the world feels cold without it.
And it is this fear that pushes us to claim a person, binding them to ourselves so we would never be separated of our love for them. And this is a violation of their own freedom, and their connection to the universe. And this is a violation of our own freedom, for we will bind ourselves to them as much as they are bound to us. Thus our fear pushes us to a violation of Respect.

And it is this fear that pushes us to short sighted, unwise acts. It pushes us to giving too much compassion to prove our love needlessly, or not giving enough to persuade the other to prove theirs. And this is a violation of one's faith in their own feelings or that of another. And thus it will push us to actions with brief satisfaction but sore consequences. And thus it is a violation of love itself, for above all else it desires to be good and yield positive feelings. And thus, it is a violation of Compassion.

And it is this fear that has us make promises of eternal love, as if the promise of eternity could control the future. But it is this very promise that stands in the way of love's freedom. How can it be freely given, if it was already promised? And thus, its true eternity is replaced with a false eternity, embodied by a promise. And thus, it is a violation of the gift of love. And thus it is a false replacement of Tenacity.

The jail we prepare for love

The shadow, above all else, seeks to enslave us to its will. It seeks to make us destroy our own Light, or that of others. It uses emotions like fear, but it also wields logic that tricks out mind where our hearts should speak. So does the shadow try to use logic by fooling us to protect ourselves against love.

Love can not be bound to a person at will. Young children would laugh and claim it is the most obvious thing: that we can not choose love, but love chooses us. Yet many of us fail to accept this as we grow older. We choose our love based on convenience. One who has a similar mind, one who has a kindred heart, one who lives a similar life or possesses a similar (or better) social status. Slowly we train our minds to decide for us who would be suitable partners and tell our hearts to love the person who suits us.

And the heart tries. And the heart may find love. But it will never have lit up in the night like a shooting star and graced them with the beauty that only spontaneous love can bring. And in this act, the shadow has already won, for it has already bereft one's life of the most beautiful Light that can be.

The chains we give to love

When love has finally come our way, the shadow seeks to trick us with fear. Fear of its loss. Fear of another's freedom. Fear of an uncertain future. Fear that love may prove temporary.

Love can not be promised. Not now, not forever, not ever. What if true love would encourage separation to find happiness? How can one sacrifice, no matter how sorrowful its necessity would be, if one were held back by a promise? How can the greatest expression of love, being its returning gift, still live if it were tainted by a promise?
And while love is bound by promises, built to ensure our future, built to limit one's freedom so we can have our personal insurance, built to minimalize risk in an uncertain future, it slowly weakens.

In time, the shadow will creep in, and it will take away the passion of love. Life turns gray. The daily gift of seeing each other becomes a habit, bereft of its magic... till one asks themselves if love still truly exists. It has always been there, but caged by words and promises, or enslaved by rules that should not rule it.

The darkness we give in to when love is lost

When misfortune strikes us and takes away our love, our world seems to darken. So much Light is taken from us, that our hearts and minds can no longer adjust to the life without it. In panic we try to bind ourselves to nonsensical promises to our lost love as if somehow that would create love. We try to honor them and adore them above all else, even the Light, hoping that love would then return. And we feel betrayed, for no effort ever brings them back. No effort changes that which was done. And the shadow laughs in our hearts and offers a path where love never exists. And we choose it, willingly, so we could be spared the pain of it. And thus we grow resentful, and spiteful, and know only emotions that are wicked and cruel for we know no longer the Light that only love can bring. Instead we only know darkness and claim it is a homage to those that brought us love.
And we are fooled. For in a tribute to our loved ones, we sacrifice exactly that which they admired about us. We blind ourselves from what it showed us, as we can not bear this view alone... and we forget that love remained true to us, till its very end and even now.

Love and the Light

Such is the beauty of love that is a connection of Light itself, and it must be respected in its own right. Let this connection, in its beauty, in its simplicity and its power inspire oneself. Let it grow your understanding of Respect to those you love and to yourself.

Such is the beauty of love that we must be true to it, time and time again, regardless of what the past and future may bring. Even if it could be lost, one should hold to it as truly as if it would be eternal. Then it will inspire Tenacity in yourself.
Such is the beauty of love that we should let it be free and inspire us to kindness. Let it inspire us to simple gestures and great gestures. Let the greatness of the gestures not be some foolish measurement of our love, for the wisdom and symbol behind it are its true measures. Only then can it open our hearts to act in the name of true love. Only then it will inspire true Compassion in yourself.

The freedom of love

Love is life... And life is love. Much like life, so should love be free. Free from doubt, free from promises, free from burdens and fears. Such is the beauty of eternal love, that it should never be promised but be renewed, like a new love, like a new wonder, time and time again, no matter the circumstances. It must be treated as the greatest gift to another and oneself. Such is the meaning of true love and its freedom.

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Unity in the Light

Common be our prayer,
Common be our resolution,
Common be our deliberations.
Alike be our feelings,
Unified be our hearts,
Perfect be our unity.

Offer to the Light

In body, speech and mind,
I offer my soul and being,
I renounce my wrongs,
I rejoice in the Light,
I dedicate to its Virtues,
I live for its Enlightenment.


In ourselves and all about,
Light lives without a doubt,
mends and prevents harm.
It is grace in purest form
Blessing all living beings,
Guiding us in our doings,
But through actions alone,
The Light's will can be done.
Following its ways so divine,
We reach salvation in time,
Cleansing the world anew,
From the shadows so cruel.
Great though Light may be,
It works through souls like me,
While devoted, I am but small,
Perhaps too little to change all,
Though Light makes spirits grow,
The world is large, we all know
But if I remain true to its ways,
I may share its graceful rays,
Work hard till all are blessed,
Without doubt till my final rest,
Even if its results I can not see,
Such is the lesson of Tenacity

"Life is a very precious thing. Do not risk it for adoration or fame. Choose a test only if you believe this is what the Light requires of you."
-- Jean-Pierre d'Armagnac, Priest of the Stormwind Cathedral.

"It is faith and trust in the Light that allows a Paladin to hold his ground against many. One can not go without the other."
-- Sir Kaeden Dourhand, Paladin of the Knights of the Silver Hand.

"To those who test their faith, beware! After sacrificing everything, including your very being, only your faith remains... or failure."
-- Jenny Woakar, Traveling Priestess.

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Words From The Heart

Journey of the Soul: Duet.

It were a very sad day. It were a mournful day,
A treasure was lost: a woman had passed away,
In brief darkness her soul wandered, lost, alone,
When a warm Light appeared and brightly shone
An angel of Light she had found and so they spoke,
"Are you an angel? Will you bring warmth and hope?"
"Is your spirit troubled, are you lost my child?"
"Yes, for I have parted from family and love mild.
Angel of Light, who knows the way in this world,
Will you carry me away in your arms as foretold?"
The Angel shone bright, her voice cleared still,
She reached a hand and said "come if you will",
Comforted by her chanting and soothing sounds.
They parted from life's sorrows and its bounds.

Sing you to sleep

In this city, in a dark street, late at night,
Lies in the shadows, hidden from the moonlight,
Naked, cold and shivering, a lone man in tears,
Doubting his faith, slowly drowning in his fears.
Come with me, my love, let us show this man Light,
So it nurtures him, gives him strength and might,
So he can work once more for his family to feed.
So he regains his faith, of which he is in need,
Voices are calling for us, love, they need aid,
In this troubled world, nearly our dreams fade,
We are not permitted to mourn our dutiful fate,
Far worse, do we see, live people without faith.
Come with me, my love, let us show them our Light,
So they learn to stand strong and once more fight,
So they may regain their faith, and have them freed,
From this bitterness and find in love a new creed.
After such a day of battle and straining our mind
Two souls are left in need of a moment so kind,
It's a beautiful woman, and the man by her side
They may be tired, but together they look bright.
Come with me, my love, we have fought for the Light,
Let us seek rest. Will you let us share the night?
May my song bring you dreams till you sleep tight.
Will you let me be healed by that endearing sight?

My angel, lost

Your smile meant so much more than I dared admit,
Your words, your counsel, support and stubborn wit,
Was I too late to return what you gave to me?
Was I too late to admit what you meant to me?
Come with me, Stay with me, Lay beside me,
I want to dream away, just once more,
In your arms, comforted like before,
And feel your breath in neck and ear,
To fool my heart, your love is near.
I believed you would stay by my side for long,
But fate had turned and suddenly you were gone,
You were lost I showed my feelings with a token,
And we were both left alone with a love unspoken.
Come with me, Stay with me, Lay beside me,
I want to dream away, just once more,
In your arms, comforted like before,
And feel your breath in neck and ear,
To fool my heart, your love is near.
My vision and mind had darkened, I couldn't breathe
Hoped my grief would bring my heart to its final beat
But you left me only words, telling me to continue
That it'd be alright, but it's not, not without you
Come with me, Stay with me, Lay beside me,

I want to dream away, just once more,
In your arms, comforted like before,
And feel your breath in neck and ear,
To fool my heart, your love is near.
You didn't let me choose my purpose; I was tasked,
I was to conquer my sorrow and doubt, as you asked,
Even in my grief and sorrow, you forced me to peace
Against my heart, perhaps yours, you gave me release
You came to me, Stayed with me, Stood beside me,
You let me dream away, just like before,
Speaking words, of comfort once more.
And we shared our smiles, you were near
You relieved my heart, with love so dear.

Will you hear my song?

Oh my love, my dear, will you hear my song?
You make times right, when they are wrong.
There is so much I'd like to share with you,
My heart, my mind, perhaps my lifetime too.
In help I find reward and faith,
Though it leaves me in a state,
Exhausted and tired, beyond me,
For I work till I'm pale to see.
Driven passion to help and aid,
Time for us is difficult to make,
But at the end of a such long day
It is to your smile I find my way
Oh my love, my dear, will you hear my song?
You make times right, when they are wrong.
There is so much I'd like to share with you,
My heart, my mind, perhaps my lifetime too.
The street, so dark without noise,
Lights up with the hum of my voice.
Profound love fills again my heart,
Renews my spirit after a time hard.
The road home basks in the Light,
My tired feet then find new might,
They bear me as light as a feather,
They know you make me feel better.
Oh my love, my dear, will you hear my song?
You make times right, when they are wrong.
There is so much I'd like to share with you,
My heart, my mind, perhaps my lifetime too.
As a lighthouse guiding me safely,
Shines the light at home greatly,
Leading me to my dearest treasure
A sweet love, grand beyond measure
It radiates so warm and inviting,
I forget the long day of waiting,
I already cross the wooden stock,
And then eagerly on the door knock.

Oh my love, my dear, will you hear my song?
You make times right, when they are wrong.
There is so much I'd like to share with you,
My heart, my mind, perhaps my lifetime too.
The lights of candles come to greet,
Even more dear is your smile I meet,
And two eyes, so profound and deep,
Stayed up for me, instead of sleep.
No matter how my feet feel sour,
This moment stuns me ever more,
I'm carried by this lovely sight:
Your smile that makes things right.
Oh my love, my dear, will you hear my song?
You make times right, when they are wrong.
There is so much I'd like to share with you,
My heart, my mind, perhaps my lifetime too.

Love's Quill

My love has driven the quill to write,
Writing of feelings by the candle light.
My heart sings, free of worry tonight.
For I know I have your love by my side.
Sometimes the future may not seem bright
Do not be troubled, my dear, by foresight,
To me is revealed the strength we'll find,
By sharing our love and our words so kind.
My quill continues this worry free song,
For it knows that together we are strong,
Just know, my dear, that our love is true,
Together we will see the hard times through
No matter what my future may have in store
I shall fight my way to you for ever more.
When I think of you I feel again a whole
Such is the love that rejoices in my soul.
When I finally see again your lovely face,
My heart feels blessed by Light's grace
It burns my passion as if it were on fire,
To be with you in my hearts great desire.

Storm Outside

The storm outside is brooding,
It brings thunder and flooding,
Its winds bring scraping sand,
When night-time finds the land.
The waters will come in tides,
Launch itself on all our sides,
For you I'll endure every wave,
For you, my dear, I'll be brave
For you I'll weather the storm,
My arms around you like a dorm,
Tonight you will know no harm,
I'll hold you till all is calm.
After the tide, the water's gone,
That's when the evil shadows come,
To feed on what ever then remains,
Or spread evil with their stains
Around and round they will creep
Don't let it trouble your sleep.
By you side, my dear, I'll stay
I'll ward you till they go away.
For you I'll weather the storm,
My arms around you like a dorm,
Tonight you will know no harm,
I'll hold you till all is calm.
But after every time of fright,
A new day is born, a day bright,
The final drop has fallen down,
Light will shine and bring dawn
When the shadows fled in a hiss
I'll wake you with a gentle kiss,
Reveal that it's a beautiful day
By you side, my dear, I'll stay
For you I'll weather the storm,
My arms around you like a dorm,
Tonight you will know no harm,
I'll hold you till all is calm.

When I hold you

You seek me out, I'm to firmly hold you,
You say you love me and I love you too
In this time of confusion we find peace,
A brief refuge from all but love's tease.
Burying in my shoulder your face so fair.
I then lay my hand on your golden hair,
Lost in your warmth and compelling scent
An enchantment on my mind so benevolent
Enchanted by you, my heart is borne away
ld you firm, wishing we could stay,
Living this moment, having it last longer,
Sensing this enchantment grow stronger,
Creating a world of love without wrong,
A world that knows only love and song,
Eternal love is what the words foretell,
Maybe I did not understand them so well,
I find my eternity when you hold me tight,
Even should all be in unfortunate plight
My heart fills with new hope and strength,
For it says love will find peace at length.

The order of the day

Though the sun may still slumber, and not yet rise.
For me, day began as I watched you open your eyes.
The prelude of today’s dawn lies in your eyes blue.
Such is the order of the day, when I love you.
So we begin our arduous tasks, working side by side,
While we remain together, you make any burden light.
We lose track of our time, till the sun is through.
Such is the order of the day, when I love you.
Our bodies grow tired, but our hearts beat together.

I tell you poems or sing of love that lasts forever.
You don't say a word but your eyes are speaking too.
Such is the order of the day, when I love you.
Before we finally set out to find our bed and sleep,
We whisper of our hopes and under the covers creep.
Sealing our words with a kiss of love pure and true.
Such is the order of the day, when I love you.
The sun has long set, the skies have turned black.
But the day won't end while your eyes stare back.
Then sleep takes us, but the dream does continue.
Such is the order of the day, when I love you.

Poor child at war

She was so young in her looks... her heart younger still.
She lacked patience for books... had too energetic a will.
Everything was a game to her... No mountain was too high,
So She followed us to this war... Suddenly her end was nigh.

Poor child, looking no older than sixteen,
This war was not meant for you to be seen.
You should not have come along, not here.
Now we have to fight for your life so dear.

Though a fight broke her nose... War kept a luring appeal.
So for another battle she rose... Believing all could heal.
Had she known this was her fate... And chosen not to fight
It wouldn't have been too late... She'd still play this night.

Poor child, looking no older than sixteen,
This war was not meant for you to be seen.
You should not have come along, not here.
Now we have to fight for your life so dear.

The War hungering for new blood... had death grip her hard,
And in its life devouring plot... sent a bullet to her heart
Looking pale like moon and star... And eyes that didn't see.
So she was coughed up by the war... So she was brought to me.
Poor child, looking no older than sixteen,
This war was not meant for you to be seen.
You should not have come along, not here.
Now we have to fight for your life so dear.

Bless, she was saved by Light... Her body made able to heal,
But war proved her its might... Suddenly its horror was real.
She didn't return as she came... Now she would know better
But she never smiled the same... A scar on her heart forever.

Poor child, looking no older than sixteen,
This war was not meant for you to be seen.
You should not have come along, not here.
You have lost your smile and will to cheer.

Recover, my love

We showed faith, in love and peace,
Why are we challenged, by battle fierce?
We sought to serve the Light in peace,
But these days, strife seems to increase
Duty has called us, so far, far away,
From our homes, where we like to stay.
To a field of battle and hurt we stare,
At a cost for us, we can never bear.
Why did fate choose love for us two
Only to strike with fear of losing you?
My beautiful love, my angels' face
I pray we never have to part our ways
So please my love, let your head rest,
May my work make your recovery blessed,
Help your heart and mind grow strong,
Let me live by your side, where I belong.
Holding your hand, future seems bright,
Freed of worries, guided by the Light,
Where we'll walk together, side by side
And all we'll have is our love in sight.
So I dream of being forever with you,
Of a home perhaps, our dream come true
So I dream, and for your recovery wait
So I pray we'll never know another fate.


Our home between mountain and sky

There is a place, between mountain and sky
Wherein its grass and flowers we could lie
The water flows there, running free and wild,
To fall in a pond, resting calmly and mild
Rainbow grow there, throughout all day
Blessing morning and eve, before they make way
Before the night comes, that brings us the stars,
It is a home of peace, far away from these wars.
Someday, my love, I hope to bring you there,
So together we can, at all this beauty stare
And know naught else but the peace this brings,
And speak till nightfall of only merry things
In that one place, between mountain and sky,
Wherein our own house, in warm beds we could lie.

Four Blessings

May all beings have happiness and its causes,
May they never have suffering nor its causes,
May they constantly dwell in joy transcending sorrow,
May they dwell in equal love, both near and far.


Fire of the Spirit,
Life of all creatures,
Spirit of sanctity,
Glow of charity,
Light of clarity,
Call to the fallen,
Be with us and head us.

Mourning the tragedy of war

Have I not seen in time the shadows growing around me?
Chosen war that brought death as far as the eye can see?
Is there glory left for the Light in this gruesome victory?
Or is all that remains from these actions the hideous atrocity?
I search relentlessly for the Virtues as our guide,
Hoping the Light will reach for us and stay by our side.
I pray we have not strayed from the Enlightened path,
and deprived our lives from the glory they could have had.
Had the Light not taught me the meaning of Tenacity,
I would have lost faith and searched for it unwillingly,
And not found it in my actions ever so desperately,
Fighting these enemies that engaged us so mindlessly.

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A Soldiers Repertoire

Poor Child

By the road I saw a child,
Her face pale, no longer mild,
Staring about, lost in sorrow.
She lost her hope for tomorrow.
Once she had a home, nicely warm,
She abandoned that home so calm,
The way of life that held her near,
Was suffocating her heart so dear.
One day she had felt so lonesome,
She listened to a man so handsome,
She gave in to his sweet words,
Let her love grow beyond worlds
She didn't listen to reason,
Never would he commit treason
No warnings would she heed,
He would be all she'll ever need,
The word of her father daunted.
He would give her all she wanted,
All passion and love to be hers,
A life freed of all other slurs,
Feeling happy to be his wife,
So it would so be all her life.
She would love him to no end,
And followed him wherever he went.
They moved from town to town,
Ever more tired she came along,
Still she followed him through,
It proved her love to be true
She became neglected and ignored,
He didn't care and became bored,
But love was strong and deserved,
From him she wouldn't be deterred
But he grew angry and violent,
Neglecting her every moment,
Her efforts and words in vain,
He looked upon her with disdain,
Instead he would always heed,
The call of the bars and mead,
And women more ripe and wild,
His wife was to him only a child.
She lost her youth and belief,
For a man turned into a thief
The poor child was betrayed,
Her love and heart were unmade.
By the road I saw a child,
Her face pale, no longer mild,
Staring about, lost in sorrow.
She lost her hope for tomorrow.

Bird in a cage, variation 1

"Birds in cages always sing,
Yet never take wing;
How is it you can stand
From the skies being banned,
To never spread your wings
To see new things?
O Nightingale, with such ease and grace,
Do you sing from your barred place;
Far above humans fly
In the open sky,
Yet in your cage you remain,
So how is it you stay sane?
A free bird soars far up high,
No walls or bars in the sky,
He dips his beak in the sun’s rays,
And drinks the light of free days.
Yet no light or sky do your feathers meet,
So how is it you can tweet?
Even the birds of the pole,
Are free to go and stroll
The white meadows of the north
Where they can step forth,
And spread their plumes,
And breath free fumes.
But in your cage you stay,
Never seeing the open day,
You sing with gloomy trill,
Of things longed for still,
Yet none will hear your desperate song,
And free you to where you belong.
Farewell, Nightingale, goodbye,
And one day you shall fly;
Once your bars lay broken,
Your true song shall be spoken."

Bird in a cage, variation 2

"I saw you in your windowsill,
Singing with that gloomy trill;
O Nightingale, with such ease and grace,
Do you sing from your barred place!
Many rooms is your cage,
Downstairs, upstairs, I can gauge,
And even I with my outworn sword,
Could hear your troubled chords.
In your prison your master keeps you,
His form crippled and gnarled too;
A pious vulture of the robe he is,
Seeking to always keep you his! I looked upon your plumes many a-color,
And I saw your naive eyes go a-flutter;
Let me view you then, o Nightingale,
Free as you were without your metal veil.
Farewell, O Nightingale, goodbye!
One day I shall set you to the sky,
Once your bars lay a-broken,
Your heart's song shall be spoken."

To war we march! To War!

Drums, drums, on the earth,
Thousand boots, can be heard.
Soldiers of endless count,
To the battle we are bound.
To war, we march! To War!
Soldier stern, full of pride,
Brother in arms, at my side,
Maybe older, maybe younger,
Strong alone, together stronger,
To war, we march! To War!
Lance, armor of the best,
Reigning battles and hard quests,
See the paladins of the Light,
March with us in our plight,
To war, we march! To War!
See banners in the wind,
Golden lions of Stormwind,
Trumpets horn, swords unsheathe,
Enemies prepare for your defeat!
To war, we march! To War!
If we meet our final end,
Think of loves that we defend,
Their voices sweet, scent of rose,
With us when your eyes will close,
To war, we march! To War!

Farewell, my love!

<insert name> my darling dear!
Your eyes are pretty and clear,
Your lips are red as a berry
Will come with me and be merry?
Let us feast on love and wine,
Let tonight be yours and mine,
In the hay, Neath moon and star,
For tomorrow I march to war.

I love your voice and wild hair
But my heart tells me to beware,
Outside the ground is rumbling,
A storm and battle are coming.
The night is warm, stars bright,
Come with me dear, just this night,
I'll play the lute, sing a song,
Make you smile all night long.

But the ground grumbles in hunger,
It can not delay the battle longer.
Yet I'm tempted by your voice,
To ignore its terrible noise.

Let us spend the night together,
And see this moment as forever.
Your eyes are bright, smile sweet,
Let's walk away and our lips meet.

The trumpets flare, the bells ring,
Messengers shout, minstrels sing,
In this morning the time has come,
For young men to get their battle done.

Forget your worries for my dear,
Battle may indeed be near,
By your side I shall return thus,
When the land is safe around us.
And we feasted on love and wine,
Had a night of yours and mine,
In the hay, neath moon and star,
But today I march to war.
The Knights call you outside,
Along their side you'll stride,
Fight in the name of the King,
And protect the land of your kin.

Farewell my love and think of me,
When I return, we will be free.
Should my name return in stone,
Be free and do not remain alone.

Why has this life torn us apart,
Let war kill the man I needed hard,
After it promised a love so mild,
And left me to bear his child.

Three Soldiers

Three soldiers brave, came marching from the battle,
Three soldiers brave, came marching from the battle,
Hitting the drum, drum, hitting the drum,
Came marching from the battle, drum, drum.
One saw a girl, pretty like a flower,
Long hair in beads, wishing to be with her,
Hitting the drum, drum, hitting the drum,
Wishing to be with her, drum, drum.
Oh girl so sweet, you're pretty like no other,
Will you be mine, and join me at the altar,
Hitting the drum, drum, hitting the drum,
Join me at the altar, drum, drum.
Dear soldier kind, for you my heart could falter,
Marry I would, but you'll need to ask my father
Hitting the drum, drum, hitting the drum,
You'll need to ask my father, drum, drum
Say gentle man, I ask you for your daughter
Her hand I lead, to live with love and laughter,
Hitting the drum, drum, hitting the drum,
To live of love and laughter, drum, drum.
What is your wealth? That you ask for my nearest.
Can you afford, housing for my dearest,
Hitting the drum, drum, hitting the drum,
Housing for my dearest, drum, drum.
I have on me, an armor of fine making
And two pair of boots, but love is for the taking,
Hitting the drum, drum, hitting the drum,
My love is for the taking, drum, drum.
Soldier be gone! You may not go to see her!
Hitting the drum, drum, hitting the drum,
So I will keep my daughter, drum, drum.
Say gentle man, it was worth knowing,
I will leave her, but will mention one thing,
Hitting the drum, drum, hitting the drum,
But will mention one thing, drum, drum.
My father is, a nobleman of Stormwind,
My mother is, a niece of our great King,
Hitting the drum, drum, hitting the drum,
The niece of our great King, drum, drum.
My soldier dear! You may now go to see her!
Lovely she is. You may marry my daughter!
Hitting the drum, drum, hitting the drum,
You may marry my daughter, drum, drum.
Say gentle man, you may keep your daughter,
Say gentle man, you may keep your daughter,
Hitting the drum, drum, hitting the drum
You may keep your daughter, drum, drum.

Nine soldiers

They were brothers, three times three,
Standing proud in the Stormwind army,
Tall and stern but kind in their heart,
Their swords were long, their shields hard,
They would clang a sword on their shield,
And shouted for no enemy they would yield,
That their shields form a wall of metal,
And to all their foes they would be lethal,
Once pillagers attacked a village foolishly
And were destroyed by these men valiantly,
Then the pipes were handled by a young boy,
And he played a merry tune, full of joy,
They clanged their sword on their shield,
And promised that for no enemy they'd
Their shields together in a wall of metal,
Would prove, to all their foes, to be lethal,
From foreign lands came the evil horde
Their shields together in a wall of metal,
Would prove, to all their foes, to be leThey answered the call of the noble lord,
Even in the front line they stood bravely,
And stopped every orc wave relentlessly,
They clanged their sword on their shield,
For no enemy, however strong, they'd yield,
Their shields together in a wall of metal,
Had proven to all these orcs to be lethal,
But the campaign to defend had turned amiss,
Evermore hordes came from the portal's abyss,
They grew resolved in the face of this defeat,
To give their family and friends a safe retreat,
Each clang their sword on their shield,
Not against countless enemies they'd yield,
Once more they formed their wall of metal,
That had proven to many foes to be lethal,
So went the soldiers, three times three,
And passed into legends for you and me.
Hills carry their message, to willing ears,
Brought by a boy, playing his pipes in tears.

Soldiers of the Alliance!

Dwarven beard, Dwarven shield,
Great skill on the axe they wield
Swinging one, two, three... hop!
Dwarfs will fight the mountain top.
Gnomish tool, Gnomish craft,
Skilled they are but they look daft,
Working one, two, three... hop!
Gnomish minds will never stop.
Human spirit, the Human mind,
A great friend in those you'll find,
Singing one, two, three... hop!
Such good friends you'll never drop.
Draenei strength, horns so small
But in their heart and walk are tall,
Fighting one, two, three... hop!
Such good friends you'll never drop.
Draenei strength, horns so small
But in their heart and walk are tall,
Fighting one, two, three... hop!
All the shadows they will whop.
Elven fierce, Elven blade,
Through the foes their glimmers wade.
Going one, two, three... hop!
And their blades dance through the mob.
Alliance strong, Alliance great,
Where all races pull their weight,
Uniting one, two, three... hop!
To war, Alliance horses clop!


The Light gives me strength,
The Light is my strength,
The Light is the strength.

I have no power, save over myself,
I cannot change anything except for myself,
To follow the Light despite the pressure of Darkness is the only victory I will ever achieve.
It is the only victory that matters.
All else is transitory. I control only my own actions,
I shall let the Light guide my deeds,
My every move will be in resonance with the will of the Light,
My every deed will speak of the Light.
May those who see me, see the Light in me.

I shall always do the right thing,
I shall conquer my pain and my doubt,
I shall forget any concern for utilitarian gain,
To conquer darkness within is the only victory I will ever achieve.
All else is an illusion of triumph.

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Scripture Of The Holy Light
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